Zinnia Elegans Double Lilliput Mix Seeds


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Zinnia Elegans Double Lilliput Mix Seeds

A big packet of 70+ seeds.

Amazing double and triple blooms in a multitude of colours and shapes.

Handles the desert like conditions we had here, and then lived through the flooding with no problems at all. Very adaptable plant  and it seems to self-seed reasonably easily too, which is a real bonus for us.

We have it popping up everywhere at the moment from that last bit of rain.

Really nice surprise. Easy to grow, with NO major pests or diseases we have experienced except for the odd parrot having a chew on the fragrant blooms.

The Kangaroos and Bettongs seem to leave it alone, which is a major bonus!

Super easy to grow, and quite beautiful in both appearance and scent.

If you want a multi-colored, long lasting, pleasant smelling, easy to grow flower, that won’t get mangled by the local wildlife, then this is it folks!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!