Can You Send Stuff here?

If you are not in Queensland Australia, please read this information.
I get folks ask me that question all the time, pretty much weekly for more than a decade now…
My answer to that is YES I can.
It is 100% legal for me to “export” all of those items.

I absolutely can and will send you those seeds, plants or whatever you pay me for.
You pay, I post, simple stuff.

Please note,
If you are in a state or country that prohibits the “import” of those products, then YOU, as the actual “importer” of that item, will have to pay any fees or fines.
If the products are deemed prohibited in your area, and you are not actually legally permitted to import them, then they will be destroyed by your areas quarantine service upon discovery.

I have absolutely no control over your choice to purchase my products, or your choice to import them to your area.
I also have no control over your individual regions quarantine regulations.
Absolutely none at all.
I therefore will not be held responsible in any way for the choices that you as an individual make.
We are all adults after all…

If you want to check the legal import status of any product, you need to check with your regions quarantine service BEFORE buying.
This is the basic moral and legal obligation of all importers, in all parts of the world, with all products, and it has been like this since long before I was born.

That said, if I am aware of any restriction sending a product to your area I always have a big red text warning like the below example.

NOT FOR THE STATE or COUNTRY YOU ARE LIVING IN due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to try and buy anyway, this item will not be sent. 🙂

I will also manually block purchase of that particular item, for your particular delivery address.

Meaning while other folks in other areas can buy it, when you try a big red warning comes up that says the following and prevents you from being able to buy.

SORRY! Due to Quarantine regs, we can’t send EXAMPLE PRODUCT to EXAMPLE STATE OR COUNTRY. Most other species are OK. Please edit your cart!

Just to be clear I will say it again.
If I am aware of a restriction I have a big red warning.
If you ignore my polite request not buy it, I physically prevent you anyway.
If you want to check the current legal status of import of seeds/plants/items, then you need to check with your regional, state, and countries Customs and Quarantine service(not me), as per your moral and legal obligation as an importer.

Please also note,
If you decide to purchase any of my products, I will assume that you have already consulted with the relevant authorities.
I will assume you are 100% in compliance with any and all legal requirements regarding the importation of these products.
You as the importer are responsible for an confiscation or seizure for failure to comply with the importation regulations of your local area.
You are also personally responsible for any fines, fees or financial costs associated with your choice, to import my products, to your area.
You pay, I post, that’s it..
Simple stuff hey!