Posting Seeds

Posting seeds the Fair-Dinkum-Seeds way.

Why do we pack seeds different to the other guys?

Posting Seeds
Posting Seeds

Every step of the way we pay attention to what we do and every little thing we do is for a reason.

After testing many different ways of packing seeds, this is the best we have come up with.

Many years of buying literally thousands of packets of seeds from several hundred suppliers, I have noticed that there are several issues that are common among the majority.

The first is spillage from folks who pack cheaply in paper packets and baggies only.

The bags never seal properly, and there is always loss, or even more frustrating is when the seeds arrive but when you open the packet you find that half of them are stuck to the glue, gum or tape that holds the packet together and are stuffed anyway. I really hate that.

The next is crushing damage and is often caused by the sheer weight of the mail on top, which bubble mailers and foam can definitely help to avoid.

This type of injury is exasperated by conveyor belts dropping flat heavy items on top of each other, or from the dude at the end of the belt throwing them into big trolleys, then into the train, truck or plane.

I say throwing, because if you have actually ever seen them, you will know that’s exactly how it is done.

It’s like the dude is practicing his rugby pass!

A plain envelope with a bag of seeds will often just be half a bag of crushed seeds and half a bag of dust upon arrival when treated that way.

That brings me to the last and by far the most common cause of damage to delicate seeds, and by far the the hardest to protect from.

That’s sharp edge impact.

Bubble mailers and single layer foam work quite well for standard weight crushing damage, but unfortunately do nothing to stop this kind of injury to seeds.

In all honesty, ours is the only method that really does, and even that’s not 100% fool proof.

The rounded shape, smooth texture of the tape, and the fact that the wrapped seeds are held tightly in a little “pod”, but still loose in the envelope is very important.

That means that when bashed by the sharp edge or corner of yet another heavy box, the poor little parcel of seeds can move independently inside the actual envelope, and the deflect the impact of the blow.

It’s hard to explain, but just imagine trying to jump on a handful of marbles. It’s quite hard to do as you tend to slide right past the smooth surface of the glass.

All that weight and momentum immediately turns into sideways movement and deflects your impact, and down you go with a crack. The marbles roll away unharmed.

99% of the time the majority of the impact is converted to you, and then the ground. The marbles just convert it.

If that 1% does happen where a box scores a direct hit on out poor little letter, and in the unlikely event the impact isn’t deflected, the multilayers of unevenly spaced padding does the best job of protection of your precious seeds possible, again much better than all the other methods I have seen.

It does take a little longer to pack, but it we want you to get these seeds in the same high level of quality that we send them at, so that’s why we do it this way.

Oh yeah, on a final note, we don’t have any hidden postage charges so there is no surprises at the checkout, and everything sent within Australia is FREE STANDARD POSTAGE.

International postage is an extra $7.50 flat rate on all orders to cover the extra cost, hassle and paper work involved.
That means it is $7.50 total postage for one item, or $7.50 total postage for ten items, or $7.50 total postage for 100 items…
Cheap hey!

We use 100% recycled and recyclable foam or bubble wrap, and the packing tape we use is UV unstable, so it biodegrades completely within 12months in the sun.

That is also very important to us.