Please use the form below to email Fair Dinkum Seeds.

I check it several times a day, and will generally respond within a couple hours.
Please keep in mind we have no phone or reception, so I literally can not call you back, and we only have a very dodgy satellite internet connection way out here in the bush, so if there is a bit of a delay it’s not personal at all.

It may occasionally take me a day or two to get back to you, especially if there is high cloud, it’s been raining or the internet just does feel like working and has gone out on strike, yet again…

Another way to contact is via a Facebook message (of course remembering to “LIKE” and “SHARE” the page, if in fact you do like it, and want to share it…)


P.S. Please double check your email address, the one below you are about to give me, or I will have NO possible way to reply, and the email will just bounce.(Driving me nuts in the process!)

P.P.S. If you are contacting me wanting to send money order or cash AU$ in the mail, that is cool too.(I never accept cheque.)
Please copy and paste your cart including the prices.(or list the item titles, prices and number of packets)
Send it using the form below with your correct postal address including delivery name and country.(It is not optional, I need that info!)

I will change the stock numbers on the website, and put the order aside, and then respond to you within a couple days.

Only once I have responded and confirmed your order, then you can send the money, and when the $ rocks up in my mailbox I will send it all out.

If the $ never arrives at my place, for ANY reason, I will not be sending the seeds.

Be aware that cash orders are 100% at your risk. I am not a thief, but the days of me trusting random folks on the internet to do the right thing are long over.
Nothing personal.

Cash orders will take longer as they are a bit of a hassle compared with the checkout, which is by far my preferred method of payment.

Our mailing address is:

PO BOX 242
GIN GIN 4671

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