Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Fair Dinkum Seeds support page where you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Do you send to my Australian state or territory?

I am happy to send our seeds, plants, cuttings, starter cultures and products to all Aussie locations including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania.
If I know for sure I can’t send something to your place for any reason I always have a big red text warning in the advert descriptive text.
I also physically block sales of that species to your location.
That means you just can’t complete the purchase and the checkout will automatically tell you why.
Australia wide shipping is free!

Do you send to countries outside Australia?

But, if you do not live in Australia then we recommend you do not buy anything from us.

I am happy to send our seeds, plants, cuttings, starter cultures and products to any country in the world at the BUYERS RISK.
By ordering you are paying me to pack and ship your order, nothing more, nothing less.

I say it again for absolute clarity, NO REFUNDS ON INTERNATIONAL PURCHASES, EVER!!!

Everyone read that?
Cool, if you want to know why I’m being so biased and unreasonable please keep reading.

I have been sending seeds, plants, cuttings and starter cultures all around the world for a decade now.
When I first started there were occasional dramas due to customs and quarantine, but over time I changed my packaging and labeling methods and until very recently the % of lost, stolen, damaged or confiscated was no higher than sending interstate within in Australia.
The postage cost to me was cheap for a small order and very expensive for a large order, but I just liked doing it so I made international shipping a capped price of $7.50 no matter how big the orders were.

That meant on average I lost a little money VS just shipping domestic within Australia, but I liked doing it.
I love sharing cool seeds with folks that can’t get them elsewhere.
Knowing my cool plant genetics could give someone a feed, make them smile, or even be the beginnings of a whole new agricultural system.
Now that’s seriously cool I reckon!

Years later there were a few changes to both the postal and quarantine systems meaning it’s now a lot more work and wasted time for us to ship overseas.
Instead of just chucking the mail in the box and going home like I do with the Aussie orders, with International orders I have to fill out a heap of paperwork, line up at the local post office with everyone else for what seems like hours, show ID and manually lodge over the counter.
Every order being signed and witnessed one by one which is soooooo tedious for all involved.
Really sucks the fun out of it, but still worth doing, sort of…

Then there was a huge spike in dodgy scamming bastards ripping me off, falsely claiming fraud or non-arrival meaning I lost the goods, and I had to fully refund as well.
So instead of us making a couple % “profit” off an order, it was just a 200% loss to me.
Financially it was a bad business decision to keep sending internationally, but I just kept doing it because most folks were cool and it was nice to see them happy.

Recently COVID-19 Corona hit and Economy International Airmail was completely cancelled due to lack of flights.
No plane flights to or from Australia = no mail to other countries.

Since then me and the Mrs have been debating about it heaps.
I reckon if there is a way to protect ourselves and cover the cost it is worth doing.
She says why bother?
It just creates so much extra work, emails, stress, we only grow a little of everything, and it doesn’t even make as much $ VS Australia? It just doesn’t add up.
But it’s me that answers the emails and every day I get them from cool folks asking me to ship internationally again .
It’s really hard to say no when I have been selling seeds to them for so many years.
For many of our species I am the only person in the world selling them, so it isn’t like they can just go somewhere else…

With international economy air cancelled indefinitely, the only shipping option available now is $22-$38 depending on where you are in the world and how big the order is.
That’s just the stamps, it doesn’t account for the extra wasted time VS domestic mail, or the much higher % of fraudulent transactions.

For this reason we have jacked up the shipping fee on international orders to a ridiculous $40.00 Australian dollars.
That’s a capped fee so if you buy 1 or 10 or even 100 things at once and pay in one order it’s a maximum of $40.00

For example>>>
*1item + $40.00 international postage fee = $XX.XX
*10items + $40.00 international postage fee = $XXX.XX
*100items + $40.00 international postage fee = $XXX.XX

We do NOT recommend you buy if you do not live in Australia.
There will be NO refunds for any reason at all ever if you choose too.

If you decide you do want to order despite me strongly suggest you don’t, and your order is lost, stolen, delayed, damaged, confiscated, seized, dead on arrival, abducted by aliens, or you don’t get it for any reason, or even if you do get it but you are unhappy for any reason, then that is your problem not ours.
You will not claim fraud, you will not expect a refund, you will not expect an exchange or reshipment, and you will not whinge to me about it.

We do our very best to comply with all quarantine regulations(more info here) but if there are dramas in your local area and you are fined, have to pay fees, taxes, or even bribes in some cases, then that cost is yours too, NOT ours.

After all, I did tell you not to buy, I did tell you delivery was a gamble, and you have been very clearly and repeatedly warned.

You are an adult, if you want to gamble then that’s fine.
But if you lose then the loss is yours and you will not hassle me about it.

If you still want to buy for international shipping outside of Australia then just add to cart and pay me in the checkout understanding there will be no refunds and we are actively telling you it is a very expensive and very bad idea that may not work.
You may be throwing your $ away.
Don’t buy from us unless you are prepared to lose your money.
Do I really need to say it again?

Payment of an international order only guarantees I pack and ship your order.
I do not guarantee delivery and I am not responsible for any incurred costs associated with YOUR choice to order from us.

Still want to buy anyway?
Cool, then read this all again and make sure you still feel that way.
If you still do feel free to purchase by registering or logging into your account, adding items to your cart, then paying me in the checkout as per normal like all the others.
Step by step instructions below.

How do I buy your cool seeds?

To buy, all you do is go here and>>> Register an account (or log into yours IF you have one).
When you are 100% finished adding cool stuff to your “cart” go here>>> Shopping Cart
Then pay me using either a Credit card, Debit card, or PayPal in the >>> Checkout

Prepaid credit cards can be purchased at every supermarket, service station and post office these days if you don’t have any of the above.
If you don’t like that and you have a bank account you can just link it to a PayPal account by going here instead.
PayPal Signup
It’s 100% free for you to use, it just costs the sellers and stores a couple % in fees just like the big banks do.
From a consumer/customers point of view it is the safest cheapest most convenient online payment method bar none.
It is what I use myself when buying seeds online from other plant sellers.

We ship everything worldwide, capped at $AU40.00 no matter how big the order is.
Australian delivery is always FREE!!!

For example>>>
*1item + $40.00 international postage fee = $XX.XX
*10items + $40.00 international postage fee = $XXX.XX
*100items + $40.00 international postage fee = $XXX.XX

Google told me that was ~$26.88 US Dollars or ~24.69 Euro last time I checked.

Do you have this species of plant?

Maybe, but first I need to know the name of it.
Lets pretend the botanical name is Examplus botanicus.
Lets pretend the common name is Red sparkle vine.

Put a single word in the Search box and push enter or click the magnifying glass (at the top of every page on the website).
So in this example you would type in examplus and push enter.
Page refreshes, up comes everything with examplus in the product name.

If you are not happy with the results click “Tagged Products” and everything with the keyword tag of examplus, but not necessarily called examplus comes up too.

If still not happy do the same with botanicus, then red, sparkle, and vine, and even random descriptive keywords like native, flower, root, vegetable, herb are worth a look too.
If you still can’t find it after typing in the botanical name, common name and a few descriptive words, one word at a time, then I definitely don’t have any for sale in the website.
I may have it in my private collection, but it’s definitely NOT ready for sale.

If it was ready for sale, I would already be selling it.
Makes sense yeah?
Keep that in mind if you decide to Contact me about it anyway.

Do you sell mature potted plants?

No, not for years. We used to ages ago but it got way too hard when our collection entered the hundreds.
It’s too hard to manage stock when we have so many species in the collection, we are on very limited water and we have major flooding too at times, plus it’s just me and the Mrs which makes things even more complicated.

We do sell some tubers and cuttings, but only of species that grow best that way.
We don’t sell seeds if they won’t grow, so if you want the plant just buy the seeds and follow the instructions in the advert.

If I can’t grow it I don’t sell it.
If I can grow it, there is no reason I can see why you can’t grow it too?
After all, I’m just a dude, I’m not magical or anything…

Would you like to swap seeds with me?

YES! I love swapping seeds, it’s how I get so many cool species.
Please Search the Website and make sure I don’t already have it first though.
See “Do you have this species of plant?”

If I don’t have it and it’s cool, then I probably want it and I would much rather a cool new species than money so definitely Contact me.

Do you guarantee 100% germination with your seeds?

No, absolutely not. 🙂

I don’t even guarantee 0.01% germination and if that is a problem you should just keep your $ in a pocket.
Seriously, gardening is always a gamble, at least it always is here for me?
If you can’t afford to lose, then you just shouldn’t play.

I do guarantee freshness. All our seeds are always less than 12months old. Generally a couple months maximum as we grow a little bit of everything on a year round rotation and most things sell out much faster that we can restock.
I guarantee they are viable, and if given the right conditions they will grow fine for me here.
I am confident guaranteeing that, as that is how I get them in the first place. 😉

I grow them and harvest the seeds, sell some to you, replant a % myself and repeat, year after year after year.
I generally grow a couple packs from the new harvest to make sure everything is cool, along with the last couple packs from the previous harvest to ensure a wide gene pool and increase hardiness.

I can’t and don’t guarantee anything else ever though.
The reason why is, I fail to grow exciting new species all the time.

That is why I am always buying new species and swapping cool seeds with my other customers.
I definitely don’t have a “green thumb” and I’m not bloody magical.
I fail all the time, 100’s of species a year, pretty much a couple failures every week all year round.

Failure is normal and no offense intended, but to expect not to fail every now and then, when growing a new species, of completely new genetics, from a completely different area, is a bit delusional I reckon…
Seriously, that’s a really weird expectation to have?

When I fail, I just look at what I did, and take a guess at what is the most likely reason for the failure.
Lack or excess of sunlight, poor or even excessive drainage, fungal and bacterial attack from damping off, insects like cutworms snipping shoots during the night, ants and birds carting off the seeds, lawn grub and beetle larvae eating the seedlings underground before they reach the surface, temperature, humidity, blah blah blah.
A really common one with new folks is fertiliser and compost. Nitrogen is good for plants but is very bad for most seeds.
Too much nitrogen will reliably prevent germination of most species so don’t fertilize, or use fresh manure and compost on seeds, you are just killing them with kindness(It’s like force feeding a baby a couple kilos of sugar, not cool, won’t end well).
I then make a few changes to my growing conditions and I have another crack at it.
If I strike out too many times I just give up and move on to the next species.
Millions and millions of plants out there and I can’t imagine running out of options in my lifetime?

Happens all the time and while I trial anywhere from 100-500 new species every year only a handful make it through my trials, on to my permanent collection and eventually on to the website.
If they made it that far then I reckon I have it pretty sussed and I add a few germination tips to the description.
If I don’t say anything fancy then this basic set of Growing Instructions is all I do.

I succeed from determination and trial and error alone.
Skill has bugger all to do with it.

So yeah, definitely have a crack if you can afford to and buying the seeds from a reputable Aussie seed supplier is a great way to start. I honestly do reckon we are the best choice as we are not wholesale importers selling seeds of an unknown origin and age.
But yeah, if you do fail, take it on the chin and have another crack.
If you can’t afford to, then them’s the breaks, just man up and move on with your life.

Many of the species we grow are not in the local supermarket or nursery, and tricky or erratic germination is often part of the reason why.

How do I grow this plant? Where are my growing instructions?

Read the advert text for any relevant information.
If it has special needs I always say so clearly in the advert.
If it doesn’t say anything fancy, then it doesn’t need anything fancy and a basic sandy well draining soil mix, warm sunny position, regular watering, should all be cool.
If not sure how to search the website and find what you bought scroll up and click “Do you have this species of plant?”

After that check the two emails that were auto-sent with your order, or just look on the back of the paper receipt that was sent with your seeds.
All three have a link to our basic growing instructions page.
Here is the link again in case you missed all that somehow.
Growing Instructions

How long does Processing orders take? If I pay now, when do you ship the seeds?

I ship Mondays only these days.
If you want to know why, have a look at this Facebook Post.

If Monday was a Public or Postal holiday here at Gin Gin 4671 QLD Australia I would have just shipped it on Tuesday instead.

How long does shipping take?

Australia Post’s delivery estimate from Rural (NOT Metropolitan) areas like mine is 7-10 days within Australia and their International delivery estimate is 3-5 weeks .
I ship using Standard Domestic or International Airmail Untracked.

Despite the recent crazy price increases on both domestic and international shipping there is no benefit to tracking or insuring seed or plant orders via Australia post anymore, and delivery times are exactly the same.

I waited, I read the processing and shipping FAQ’s. I still didn’t get my order. What should I do?

As per the emails you are sent with payment, if you have still not received your Australian order two weeks after shipment, or your International order six weeks after shipment please do the following three things BEFORE contacting me.

1. Check with your local post office by asking over the counter in person.
You need to do this as your package may have been damaged in transit, delivery may have been attempted but failed, the package may be just too big for your mailbox, or it may have even been held for collection by your local Customs & Quarantine service.
You should have been notified if any of this has happened but unfortunately that often isn’t the case.
No idea why, just trust me and double-check, please.
I’ve been doing this for a decade now, many thousands of orders all around the world, and I don’t say it just to be a prick…

If they are “Awaiting Collection” and you don’t collect them in a timely manner(2-3weeks being standard) then they get classed “Undeliverable” and sent to the dead mail centre or directly “RTS” to me.

When this happens the workers frustratingly put a stamp on the front showing the date they arrived at your local post office and how long they sat there waiting in vain for you to collect it.
Once the order eventually gets back to me many many months later it can’t be resold or replanted anyway and they are all burnt on arrival for Biosecurity reasons.
Costs me a fortune, which isn’t really fair because I did my bit when I packed and posted your order exactly where you asked me to…

2. Double check the shipping address you gave me is 100% correct.
If it isn’t 100% correct then your mail will never ever arrive.
I always send everything to exactly the shipping address you give me, in the “Shipping address” section of your order.

3. Final most important step, tell me you did these two simple things when you contact me, and give me your Order and/or Invoice number at the same time so I know which order we are talking about.
That way I don’t have to waste your time asking you for this information.

I ordered many things from you. Why did I get some extra packs of seeds have a smiley sticker on them?

No real reason, just a freebie I added to your order.

If you spend a lot I try to add a couple of whatever is in season, or I personally think is cool, or there is not enough to bother writing an advert about, or is native but lacking love, or just some other random reason.

All depends on my mood at the time.
No you shouldn’t expect this and no you definitely can’t choose what you get.
If you don’t want it, give it to a friend or neighbor.
If you hate it with a passion, just chuck it in the bin.
Whatever floats your boat.


Ask your doctor, how the hell would I know?
I’m just a dumb fruit picker that has a gardening and plant collecting addiction.
I can’t, won’t and don’t offer any medical advice at all, ever, to anyone.

While I personally disagree strongly with some aspects of mainstream Western Medicine, I disagree with just as many, if not more aspects of Traditional Medicine.
I just do whatever I reckon seems reasonable to me personally at the time.
I suggest you do the same.

I wish you all the best, truly, and I agree that many of the plants I grow have extensive and proven histories of medicinal use.

That amazing history is often the reason they are in my collection in the first place.
But to ask me, some random doofus you have never even met, to take personal responsibility for your health and to offer you medical advice.
That seems very unwise.

You wouldn’t hassle your Dog Groomer about which Rabies Treatment was best, you’d go to the vet yeah?
Same deal folks….

These type of questions can’t and won’t be answered. (Even hypothetically)
If you were directed here by me as a response to that type of question, please don’t be offended.
It is not personal, it’s just much quicker for me this way.
I’m a very time poor dude who would much rather be gardening than answering a never ending stream of emails.

Even if I wanted to answer you, I couldn’t anyway for legal reasons alone!
I really hope you understand and are not offended.
Me and the Mrs just grow and sell cool seeds…