Plains Calliopsis Coreopsis Tinctoria Seeds


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Plains Calliopsis Coreopsis Tinctoria Seeds

Packet of 200+ seeds from this super easy to grow and incredibly pretty plant!

Grows as easily as a marigold, and just as prolifically!
It’s considered an annual, but each plant it generally lasts two or three years in good soil, self-seeding all the time. Fast growing and very easy to get started in spring and summer, taking a bit longer to germinate in the cooler months.

Awesome, bright and abundant flowers. Used as a tea and a dye plant in its native range. The tea is pretty good actually, but a little bitter.

The internet tells me “The Zuni people use the blossoms of the Tinctoria variety to make a mahogany red dye for yarn. This variety was formerly used to make a hot beverage until the introduction of coffee by traders.
Women also use an infusion of whole plant of this variety, except for the root if they desire female babies.”

Survived both the super dry/drought conditions and the flooding rains we get here without issues.

That’s about it really?

Just a very hardy, very pretty, red and yellow flower……

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!