Hawaii Gold Passsionfruit Passiflora Edulis Seeds


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Hawaii Gold Passsionfruit Passiflora Edulis Seeds

Pack of 50+ seeds, which should keep you in fruit for quite a while!

Homegrown organically by me and the Mrs, and every now and then a neighbour, (just not enough to keep up with demand at this stage).

Very cool looking vine especially when loaded with fruit, and the fruit themselves are delicious!

Beautiful golden yellow colour, with a sweet tropical flavour. Big crops too!

You don’t see it around these days much, which is a real shame as it’s just as good as any other black or purple variety on the market, and heaps better than the “Pandora Gold” that you occasionally do see I reckon.

Best variety for Passionfruit Butter the CWA ladies tell me.

Never watery like the both red and gold “Pandora” types can get, especially in the heat.

That’s about it really?

Just a great tasting cool looking yellow fruited passionfruit vine.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!