Black Pearl Chilli Capsicum Annuum Seeds


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Black Pearl Chilli Capsicum Annuum Seeds

25+ seeds of this beauty!

This one can really be a hard to find variety of chilli at times, especially down south.

Well worth having though! Winner of the “2005 Fleuroselect Quality Mark” and a “2006 All-America Selection Award”. Awesome colouration, fast growing, bumper crops, and continues growing year after year here.

Deep dark glossy black and deep purpled leaves with bright green under sides and growing tips. Super shiny dark black fruit that ripened to a bright cherry red.

The colour is a definite warning because these little guys really pack a punch and as they ripen up gradually, there is always a mixture of colours on the plants.

Great for a border, does well in pots inside, or just outside in full sun.

Handles dry conditions really well.

Lived fine through our flooding rains, and evidently sinks its roots down deep, so it never got washed away, unlike a lot of our other stuff, and 70% of that row!

The fruit is very edible, great in a curry or laksa, although as I said it’s very, very HOT, with an average of about 30,000-35,00 Scoville Units. That’s right up there with Cayenne Chillies or Tabasco Chilli Peppers, so handle with care folks!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!