Chilli Chocolate Habanero Capsicum Chinense Seeds


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Chilli Chocolate Habanero Capsicum Chinense Seeds

Packet of 25+ seeds.

All the chilli nuts out there would be familiar with this guy, but just on the off chance you’re not, let me say first of all this fella is hot.

Really bloody hot. Wear gloves when handling kinda hot.

Despite looking like friendly little chocolate capsicums, these are not one for the kiddies, and it packs so much punch that when I use it in food I only use the one fruit, to a whole pot of soup, stew, curry or whatever. I’m a bit of a chilli wuss, but even then it still makes me sweat up, pant and whinge.

Lots of heat(really really lots of heat), but also a nice smoky flavour too, and quite prolific long lasting plants.

The chillies look really good too, just as cool as any ornamental variety, and they do great in pots. I just use 9lt buckets with a hole for drainage. After they finish fruiting give them a haircut, and a couple months later they bounce back with another flush of flowers and fruit.

If you start picking just the one plant, then once all fruit have been picked, trim it, then start on the next one, you can have a steady supply of fruit all year round. The fruit hang ripe for a month or two unharmed so if you don’t want them straight away it’s not a drama, just leave them in place until you need them.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!