Fat Baby Achocha Cyclanthera Brachystachya Seeds


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Fat Baby Achocha Cyclanthera Brachystachya Seeds

Packet of 10+ fresh homegrown seeds!

These guys are really cool. Think of them as a crisp, crunchy, juicy capsicum, with the taste of a mild cucumber.

Massive crops like the relative the Exploding Cucumber, just this guy is much more civilized and domesticated.

Similar shaped fruits, just twice as big, and they don’t explode, so a great one for the kiddies and community gardens.

It really should have a lot more recognition and I see definite potential as a supermarket vegetable later on down the track.

Would make a great addition to the menu of fancy inner city restaurants and the ease of production and yield are worth taking notice of.

One to watch in the future, mark my words.

It is grown in a lot of places overseas, but I have never seen it commercially available in Australia to date.

Again unlike the common cucumber it doesn’t have issues with fungal diseases like powdery mildew, and it is very easy to grow.

We are growing this fella just using polystyrene boxes next to the chook house(I grow them on the fence, saves making a trellis).

I am getting great yields, eating them all the time for a few weeks now.

I was growing them a couple years ago too, but the kangaroos and wallabies took a fancy to them, then the big floods washed them away. Such a bummer.

Very glad to have them again, and I will be making sure I never lose them again!

When I eat one I just remove a seed and stick it in the dirt and now I have large, medium and small seedlings pumping along happily and a pretty self sustaining population. Great in a stirfry or salad. Can be frozen whole or chopped in bags for convenience.

If you pick them regularly you get a steady continuous supply.

Lots of names for them and there is a lot of confusion about the whole Cyclanthera plant family and while I mostly see them called Fat Baby, I have also seen them called Accocha, Achocha, Caiba, Caigua, Caihua, Caygua, Concombre grimpant, Fat Baby, Hornchenkuerbis, Inca Gherkin, Inka Gurke, Korila, Pepino de Comer, Stuffing gourd, Wild Cucumber, Anguria pedatisecta, Anguria pedisecta, Cylanthera edulis, Cyclanthera pedata var. edulis, Cyclanthera pedata f. edulis, Momordica pedata, Momordica pedisecta, Cyclanthera Brachystachya, Cyclanthera bourgaeana, Cyclanthera brachybotrys, Cyclanthera brachybotrys var. alcocchilla, Cyclanthera costaricensis, Cyclanthera costaricensis var. angustiloba, Cyclanthera glauca, Cyclanthera glauca var. angustiloba, Elaterium brachystachyum, Momordica brachybotrys, and Momordica glauca.

Traditionally said to control and reduce bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure and help with weight loss.
Some modern studies are backing up these claims, but more research is still being done.

Can be stirfried, used in pastas, pizzas, soups anything really, I prefer them fresh.

There you have it, another beauty you won’t see elsewhere.

Grown organically by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!