African Birds Eye Chilli Capsicum Chinense Seeds


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African Birds Eye Chilli Capsicum Chinense Seeds

Packet of 50+ rarely available seeds!

Plenty to grow kilos of chilli!!! Much more than any mere mortal could consume…

Rating of 50-100,000 Scovilles( means it’s really bloody hot!)

Great fresh in curries, pickled on pizzas or just eaten fresh if you’re much much braver than me!

Best for the home gardener as it grows like a weed when established, producing more than enough fruit for the average punter.

That leaves plenty left over for bugspray, mice repellent and giving to the neighbours.
Very convenient plant too as it does really well in pots or in pretty much any soil conditions really.
Masses of fruit and long harvest time too, fruits for a couple months at least and if you pick them regularly and give them the odd haircut it can last nearly all year round.

We always get quite a few plants springing up around the base of the plant, so once you have a couple they are easy to transplant elsewhere around the garden.

The birds absolutely love it and help spread it around to and it looks as pretty as any flower in my opinion.

Good for mixing into chookfood as birds are not sensitive to chilli, but mammals and bugs most definitely are!

If you blend a couple chillis in a litre of warm water, strain/filter then spray on plants in the afternoon it kills white fly, caterpillars, aphids, inchworm, stops grasshoppers feeding on foliage, stops snails and slugs, upsets the feeding of stink beetles, bringing a little order to the garden!

Best of all, as its an “irritant” not a systemic poison, it doesn’t kill all the bugs, just removes them and prevents them establishing themselves on the plants you don’t want them on.

Here is a link to our chilli spray recipe on Facebook.

Chilli spray doesn’t kill all your helpful predators like frogs, praying mantises, lizards, possums, spiders, centipedes, scorpions, assassin bugs either.

If you use tradition insecticides, you accidentally kill all the good guys each time you spray.

That means its open slather when the pests breed up again!

Are Mice an issue around your chook food?
They won’t touch the grain if its got a handful of chillies in the bag too! When the chooks eat it they won’t even notice! Actually said to reduce worm infestations and improve laying too.

Birds are not affected in the same way as mammals are by Methyl Vanillyl Nonenamide (that’s the hot bit!), they don’t notice it at all.

In fact a lot of birds around here love to eat them if I let them.
Until I started netting I was always chasing the King Parrots, Magpies, “Custard Head” Parrots, and our bloody Chooks out of the chilli patch!

Fortunately the dog has finally learnt they are not quite the same as cherry tomatoes, it did take a surprisingly long time though…

We also don’t have the weevil problems in stored grain as much as we used to, but that’s just an observation. I haven’t done any real testing, but I do strongly suspect it is helping lower losses too.

Regardless, its another very useful plant for the collection.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!