Peter Penis Pepper Chilli Capsicum Annuum Seeds


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Peter Penis Pepper Chilli Capsicum Annuum Seeds

Packet of 25+ super fresh seeds from this very hot, kinda sexy chilli!

Here it finally is folks, and it isn’t the fake substitution rubbish you often get from eBay etc.

Sorry about the wait, but we have to make sure we had enough to keep us going first.
As you can see in the pics we get a great germination on these fellas.

Twenty five seeds per large pot gets me about eighteen strong seedlings that survive to fruiting maturity.

Once they get about their 3rd set of leaves I separate and repot them, and from then on all they need is the odd water, and a bit of standard fertilizer or compost before they finish fruiting.

As the name suggests, they do really look like a penis, and just for ornamental reasons they make a perfect addition to any garden or patio, or a great comical gift.

If you want them sent to a friend or family member just keep your Billing Address, and change the Delivery Address when you pay.

The plants are quite attractive and you get heaps of actual chillies, all ripening over a long period of time and providing a great addition to curries, salsa’s, and stir-fry’s.
They smoke and dry very well if you want to store them or make flake, powder or pastes from them.

The flavour and aroma is awesome too with a bit of complexity to it, not just pure heat, though it does pack a punch at between 10,00-25,000 Scovilles!

What more can I say?

It’s a cool looking, yet very hot, chilli pepper, that looks like a PENIS!

Just what you needed, isn’t it?

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!