Trinidad Seven Pot Pod Chilli Capsicum Chinense Seeds


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Trinidad Seven Pot Pod Chilli Capsicum Chinense Seeds

Packet of 15+ seeds!

This fella is hot, really bloody hot. Internet tells me around 850,000 Scoville Heat Units.

So hot that we only ever use them rarely, and only if the Mrs is cooking, only if she is making a huge stew or curry, and just the one, and even then I whinge and mutter a hell of a lot when I eat it…

The next day the left overs are insane, the oil feels like napalm on my lips. Less muttering, more bad language…

Rumour is, that is how it got the name, one chilli was enough heat for “seven pots” of stew and apparently even in Trinidad it is seen as a novelty or speciality, not a staple due to the crazy heat.

It is originally from the Chaguanas region of Trinidad, and is rumoured to be the uncrossed ancestor of the Bhut Jolokia, another Crazy Hot Chilli Pepper.

The internet tells me they are used in military grade mace and pepper sprays, and as an ingredient of some marine paints as an anti-fouling material to protect hulls from mollusks and algae build up.

Even the shellfish can’t handle the heat it seems!

Not just hot, this bright yellow chilli is really quite ornamental, and they are very productive too.

Nice big fruits, about as big as a large egg, some even bigger, and really lumpy looking, which is cool.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!