Capsicum Annuum Yellow Sweet Bell Pepper Seeds


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Capsicum Annuum Yellow Sweet Bell Pepper Seeds

Packet of 25+ home grown seeds!

This is just like you see in the supermarket, those big jumbo red and green capsicum, except this is a slightly irregular shaped pale yellow one.

Very sweet and no heat at all.
Quite ornamental little plant that starts with tiny green fruit, that pretty much straight away go cream colour, then bright yellow, then eventually orange and vivid red.
Best eaten when bright yellow both for taste and appearance.

They have far fewer seeds than any of the other Capsicum varieties I grow and that is the reason for the smaller packets of seeds, and limited availability.

Not being a commercial hybrid variety means you can grow large quality fruit, save a couple of the seeds, replant, and just grow more quality fruit again and again forever!
Have a think about it folks, this is a very cheap way to supplement your diet..

It is a large fruiting form, very easy to grow especially in the warmer months.

They taste great in a salsa, sauces, pasta, pizza, curry, salads, pickled, smoked, stuffed with cheese, sundried, smoked, oven roasted, pan fried, marinated, or just as is straight of the plant.

I love them like that, much better than an apple in my humble opinion.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!