Native Salmon Flowered Passionfruit Passiflora Aurantia


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Native Salmon Flowered Passionfruit Passiflora Aurantia

Pack of 25+ seeds!

Very hard to find amazing coloured native passionfruit.

Awesome cream ruffles that unwind into the most amazing salmon coloured flower ever. As the days go on it darkens up to a deep crimson red.

Perfect for pots, and if you wind it around itself, the whole plant will only take up half meter of space. On a trellis in good fertile soil it will spread out much more.

I love it so much that we had a full row of them, before the big Bundy floods. Several hundred of these plants alone, ended up in the dam, but I’m gradually restocking them now.

Does great in full sun or nearly total shade, and has a natural distribution from Eastern Queensland to North-eastern New South Wales, some parts of New Guinea and on a couple isolated Pacific islands.

Provided you protect it from really heavy frosts, and excessive heat, it can grow happily just about everywhere in Oz, and anywhere else for that matter.

I have sold a lot to collectors all over the world, especially to Germany, UK and USA. A couple of years ago, when I was only selling the seeds in a mixed packed, I saw three seeds go at auction for 68Euro plus postage!

It tastes great, but not anything like an acidic passionfruit you get in the supermarket. It’s mild, savoury, zero acidity and an almost roasted garlic flavoured caviar?

Great with a nice strong cheddar on crackers, or just as is off the vine.

When I say vine, don’t get too worried. It’s only a baby this one. In the past I used a bucket for a pot and a circle of netting about as big as a dinner plate and waist height.

Worked great, and looked amazing, as unlike nearly all the imported Passiflora varieties, this native form produces flowers and fruit all year round here, even in Winter. Just keep the water up to them and give them the odd feed with a bit of compost or manure. Just a pinch, don’t overdo it. It has flowers and fruit on all the time, all at different stages, and even the dark glossy leaf looks cool I reckon!


The internet tells me>>>

“The species is readily grown from seed which does not require any special pre-treatment. Propagation can also be carried out using cuttings of firm, current season’s growth.”

That’s totally true, BUT, in my experience, there is nearly always a delay of a couple months from planting to germination, particularly if the seed is very fresh. A little bit older seems to germinate quicker for some reason?

I reckon it’s due to the high levels of naturally occurring “germination inhibitors” in the seed coat.

That doesn’t bother me at although, for two very good reasons.

The first is, well, it’s totally worth the wait, and the second is that I’m never in a hurry for anything, especially anything garden related!

I’m sure that, just like any other Passiflora species, you could speed the process up to a couple weeks, just by carefully thinning the shell, as happens naturally in the wild.

The King parrots love them and I find a lot of seedlings under parrot roosts. I guess it’s a harsh journey through a parrots gut, so that no doubt speeds up germination. You could soak it in orange juice over night, or bleach for a couple minutes, or even GA3. You could rub the seeds on the concrete, in sand, or generally roughen and scarify the seed coat, but I never do, as I just see no need.

Nature knows best I reckon, and like I say, I’m not in a big hurry.

These are good fresh seeds, and they will grow, when they are ready, as they always do for me. Trust me, they are well worth waiting for! 😉

Grown by us organically and occasionally wild harvested in the scrub here if there is a bit around.

Regardless if its from the bush or from our planted rows, there is definately no chems, no nasties, no problems!