Shoofly Plant Nicandra Physalodes Seeds


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Shoofly Plant or Nicandra Physalodes Seeds

Packet of 200+ seeds from the glorious Shoofly plant!

This one is a real beauty to have as as you would expect, it keeps flies away!

Seriously, flies don’t like it, and just stay away from it.

Great for outside bakeries, restaurants, stables, piggeries, chookpens, compost heaps, or just the front and back door of your house!

Just be sure not to let kids or animals actually eat it, as it contains a chemical called “Nicandrenone” or “C28H34O6” and that’s why the flies don’t like it.

It’s the basis of literally thousands of insecticidal and repellent products over the years, and its the main idea that’s behind those automated cans of spray you see above doors of Public Toilets, Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Stables, Meat processing plants, Fertilizer plants, Prawn farms, anywhere with an odor that flies would be attracted to, and even in some homes these days.

They stole the idea from nature, synthetically recreated the chemical components, added a fragrance and wacked it in a can.

Pretty clever really…

BUT, if you just buy a packet of seeds from me, you can grow more than you will ever need, you don’t have to breath in the petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, and all that other man-made rubbish they put in the tin.

It also does a better job, as the naturally occurring “Withanolides” the plant produces, is of a broader range, and therefore more effective.

AND, you get a pretty little purple and white flower and a groovy looking seed pod like a Tomatillo or Cape gooseberry.

Looks great, grows easily, is super cheap, attractive flowers, pods and foliage……

What more could you possibly ask for?

Grown by us organically, with no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!