Opium Lettuce Serrated Lactuca Serriola Seeds


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Opium Lettuce Serrated Lactuca Serriola Seeds

Pack of 100+ seeds!

After trying many many methods of seed sorting, over a few years now, I have finally given up, and I am selling it as is. Check out the second picture and you will see what I mean.

From planting to sprouting normally takes from a week/10 days up to a month, so don’t be in a panic if it takes a little while! These are good fresh seeds, and it’s well worth the wait. Trust me.

This is the hardest stuff to sort that I have ever grown, and the bag you get will contain the same as the second picture.

The packet contains at least 100+ seeds, but about half of the bag contains leafy trash/dust that is impossible to sort from the seed with standard winnowing and sieving. As its such a small light seed, and the resin of the plant is so sticky, even when it’s dry, the leaf dust balls and clumps making it a real pain in the butt to clean!

It doesn’t matter though, just sprinkle the seed and dust on the soil as normal and water and wait. It grows like a weed in a lot of areas, and is nearly chemically identical as Lactuca Virosa.

The only reason I can see that its not a more common commercial product, is it’s more resinous than the traditional Lactuca Virosa, which contains most of its resin in the main stem, meaning machine harvest is easier.

With this stuff, you have to cut and harvest by hand, which is what you will be doing if you buy the seeds from me anyway.

The dust and leaf matter in the packet doesn’t have any affect on the soil or on germination. When we grow it here we remove the ripe seed heads, and then just rub them together until its like chaff/lawn clippings and sprinkle the lot on the ground. We then leave it for a month.

If we have had no rain by then, and I’m getting impatient, then we start watering regularly till germination begins.

Here is some data I found online>>>

“Lactucin and it’s derivatives lactucopicrin and 11β,13-dihydrolactucin, which are characteristic bitter sesquiterpene lactones of Lactuca Virosa and Lactuca Serriola, and were evaluated for analgesic and sedative properties in mice.

The compounds showed analgesic effects at doses of 15 and 30 mg/kg in the hot plate test similar to that of ibuprofen, used as a standard drug, at a dose of 30 mg/kg.

The analgesic activities of the compounds at a dose of 30 mg/kg in the tail-flick test were comparable to that of ibuprofen given at a dose of 60 mg/kg.

Lactucopicrin appeared to be the most potent analgesic of the three tested compounds. Lactucin and lactucopicrin, but not 11β,13-dihydrolactucin, also showed sedative properties in the spontaneous locomotor activity test.

When a stem or leaf from a “Wild Lettuce” plant is broken or cut, it will bleed a thick milky sap. The dried sap is often referred to as Lettuce Opium, though it contains no opiates. This sap can be extracted many ways, but the most common is by soaking plant material in alcohol. After several weeks, the plant material is filtered out. This extract is usually called Lactucarium. The usual way of consuming Lactucarium is by dissolving a few drops into tea. Smoking is said to produce similar effects”

Very very bitter, but makes quite a relaxing tea.

It’s an easy to grow, looks really cool, is edible in a pinch as after all its just a wild type of lettuce. And, it has a really interesting history of alternative uses.

100+ seeds is a heck of a lot of plants, especially as they are so useful!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!