Fat Hen Chenopodium Album Dirty Dick Bathua Seeds


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Fat Hen Chenopodium Album Dirty Dick Bathua Seeds

Packet of 200+ tiny teeny seeds!

This is a really great plant to have and the leaves are excellent in salads, soups, stews you name it really.
I love it with a creamy mushroom sauce on pasta!

If you have a patch in the garden where nothing will grow, under a tree, near a fence, or some other unloved spot, then this is a great place to plant out a few seedlings of this fella.

If you grow them in lush soils and great conditions you will get great crops, but even in crappy conditions this fella still produces worthwhile harvests.

It doesn’t really need anything except a bit of water every now and then, and the deep tap root helps break up the soil allowing moisture penetration for surrounding plants.

It’s been a popular food crop forever, normally as a wildharvested pot herb, and it has many weird names including grasse poulette, fette henne, white goosefoot, pigweed, lamb’s quarters, even dirty dick apparently!

It’s an annual herb or vegetable that’s a member of the beetroot and spinach family, and for that reason it’s very nutritious.
It will grow just about anywhere producing huge crops of delicious leaves that are enjoyed by humans and just about any other herbivorous critters you might have.

The iron rich leaves and young shoots may be eaten raw or cooked, as can the flowers.
The 1000’s of tiny seeds are edible too and they are extremely high in protein, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium along with an endless list of minerals and trace elements.

The whole seed head and husks can be ground and used as a dark flour quite similar to buckwheat or curly dock, and this dark flour can then be used to make a variety of baked goods like scones, fruit cakes, and rye style breads.

Even small amounts can just be added to lower the wheat content and raise the iron content of just about anything.
It’s especially good in pancakes or savory muffins!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!