Dandelion Weed Taraxacum Officinale Seeds


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Dandelion Weed Taraxacum Officinale Seeds

Packet of 50+seeds of the edible and very medicinal Dandelion!

This little beauty is a real must for us self-sufficient types. It grows on lowlands, hills and mountainous areas, alpine areas, roadsides and uncultivated places, pastures and sandy areas, you name it, anywhere really.

Grows so well in fact that some folks consider it a weed! That’s a shame really as its such a useful and attractive little herb.

It’s been used for centuries as a medicinal plant, as its Latin name “Taraxacum officinale” suggests.

Its reputation for therapeutic properties is very wide ranging, including everything from stimulation of the liver, healing diabetes, detoxifying the blood, anemia, intestinal fermentation problems, eczema, cellulites, chickenpox, inflammation of lymph, gall stones, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, acne, etc etc etc etc…….
No matter what ails you this is the cure it seems?

One cup of dandelion greens contains 19mg of vitaminC, and heaps of Folic acid, B6, B1, B2, B3 and B5 along with its useful amounts of many other phyto-nutrients and minerals. Tastes great in a salad or made into a tea that apparently “detoxifies” your body.

It does taste great in a salad, or lightly stirfried, or used instead of spinach in a quiche or even just used as a bitter tea.

The root from old plants dried out, then roasted and used as a coffee substitute is remarkably nice. (I’m a certified coffee addict and I don’t mind the taste at all…….)

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!