Tatsoi Asian Greens Brassica Rapa Seeds


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Tatsoi Asian Greens Brassica Rapa Seeds

Packet of 250+ seeds!

This is a fantastic breed of Asian greens!

Handles the 40c+ that we get here during Summer and apparently even down to -9c, and can even be harvested under a cover of snow!
Never done that myself mind you, but that’s what wiser folks than me say.

I do know that frost doesn’t seem to affect it like it does the other greens.

Its been organically grown by us for many years now, and we have been selecting for maximum leaf growth before bolting. We have always used the fast bolting plants for cooking and kept the slow bolters for seed production. (bolting is producing seed then dying)

In that way we are constantly improving this delicious leafy green!
Very high yields, long harvest life.
You just remove leaves from the bottom of the plant as needed.

They can be chopped up and frozen in portions ready to chuck in a stir fry. Great used fresh in sandwiches and salads, as its not spicy or bitter at all.
Occasionally you see it in mesclun salad mixes these days, and it is definitely gaining popularity in restaurants due to its awesome flavour.

Very high vitamin and mineral content. Much higher that the thicker, whiter stemmed “Bok choy” Brassica that it is often confused with.

Well that’s it I suppose?

Grows so easy, tastes so good, interesting and unique, salad green or stir-fry vegetable.

Very hardy, very delicious, very easy to grow, very worthwhile having!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!