Mini Midget Melon Cucumis Melo Seeds


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Mini Midget Melon Cucumis Melo Seeds

Packet of 20+ home grown seeds!

Fantastic heirloom variety of mini rockmelon.

Sweet fragrant and delicious, small seed cavity (so lots of flesh), on a very small vine that does great in pots or tubs or just in the ground.

Perfect for city folk with not much room and they do awesome in pots!

Sell extremely well at the markets as they are the perfect size for one, or two people to share (I’m not that generous, and they taste bloody delicious!).

Similar to the original rockmelon we all know, but with a more “rockmelony” taste, if you know what I mean? Really fragrant and fruity, with a great texture.

Like a lot of our stuff, the ONLY reason you don’t see them at your local supermarket is the soft skin which marks easily.

They would not hold up well to transport by truck/train and they don’t last weeks in a cold room. Two weeks in the fridge at the absolute max!

They seem to produce 4-7 fruit normally and they all normally ripen a few weeks apart, so they are the perfect fruit for one person to grow. Great for a tub on the balcony for folks living in apartments and rental properties.

You will know when they are ready, the smell is awesome!!!

Well yeah, another great addition to the garden. Easy to grow, interesting and delicious!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!