Rosemary Anthos Herb Rosemarinus Officinalis Seeds


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Rosemary Anthos Herb Rosemarinus Officinalis Seeds

Packet of 75+ rarely sold, homegrown seeds!

This is the aromatic perennial herb that forms the basis of many different spice blends, and is the main ingredient in supermarket “Mixed herbs”.

It is delicious with all meats, particularly lamb, goat and beef, and fantastic sprinkled on roast vegetables.

Unlike a lot of culinary herbs this fella retains a lot of its flavour and volatile oils, even when dried, meaninga couple years after harvest and drying, it’s still good to go, ready to add a bit of flavour to just about any meal.

Just chop bits off, and dry it on a plate, then strip the leaves and wack them in a jar, or powder then first, then put them in a jar. Either or, doesn’t matter, keep it in a dark cupboard and it will be A1 quality for ~6months, and still pretty good(well as good as the shop stuff anyway) for several years.

I chew the stems and twigs when cruising around the garden, I use them as toothpicks, and every now and then I make up a strong cut of tea. Not bad at all.

Growing wild at Gallipoli, it is still worn on ANZAC day and Remembrance day by many folks. This is due to it’s long history as a memory improving herb, and by default as a symbol of remembrance. In Europe it was traditionally placed in the graves of the dead and added to wreaths at mourning gatherings, but going back even further it was apparently used to symbolise marriage.

The marriage that spurred the change must have been a real doozie!

Anyway, pay attention to this bit as it is important to note. These guys are surprisingly poor germinators, and generally take a month or six weeks to start pushing through.

You will not get 100plants from 100seeds, you probably won’t even get 50.

Just the nature of the beast, a natural quirk of the species, nothing to do with freshness (at least not with my seeds).

BUT, that said if you aim for a decent strike rate of 20%, that is still a hell of a lot of plants.

I got 40% strike after six weeks, but a few died later on due to neglect/laziness, bringing my average to about ~25%.

The internet tells me anything from 15%-90% is “normal”.

That means 10-15plants is about what you should expect from my packets of seed, any more than that being extra lucky. Not bad for $6.00, even with a poor strike rate hey?

Much cheaper than buying live plants, especially when you take into account the shipping.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!