Acacia Penninervis Mountain Hickory Wattle Seeds


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Acacia Penninervis Mountain Hickory Wattle Seeds

Packet of 20+ wildharvested seeds!
Another awesome local native Acacia species.

This fella has been known by the following list of names.
Native Hickory, Hickory Wattle, Mountain Hickory, Acacia impressa, Acacia impressa var. impressa, Acacia penninervis var. impressa, Racosperma penninerve, and these days it is called Acacia penninervis.

Fast growing shrub with creamy coloured flowers followed by a large amount of seeds and pods. The pods are said to be “relished by stock”, and the timber is attractive and millable.

I have found that the bark strips easily, and the timber itself is long lasting and hard.
Both the bark and leaves have been used as a fish poison, and the plant itself is said to be psychoactive.

Flowers in the heat of summer bringing a bit of sunshine to the bush.
Super easy to grow.

Wild harvested sustainably by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!