Black Seeds Cumin Fennel Flower Nigella Sativa


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Black Seeds Cumin Fennel Flower Nigella Sativa

Packet of 100+ organically grown seeds!
Most commonly called “Black Seeds” this amazing spice and medicinal plant is also confusingly called fennel flower, black caraway, black cumin, kalonji, black onion, Greek coriander and Roman coriander.
Yes these are the same ones that have were in the media a lot lately with Nestle allegedly trying the patent this plant and prevent the use of it as a medicinal.
Not a fan on patents on medicinal treatments, or on any plant species for that matter, and I don’t personally have a real lot of trust on big business to do the right thing for anyone, but themselves.
The internet tells me>>> Nestlé has reportedly filed a patent application covering use of Nigella sativa as a food allergy treatment. Yet, the firm denies the claim of patenting the plant, stating that the patent would only cover the specific way that thymoquinone, a compound that can be extracted from the seed of the fennel flower – interacts with opioid receptors in the body and helps to reduce allergic reactions.
Anyway, I’m no expert on legal mumbo jumbo, so lets just move onto the plant.

First of all, sorry for the lack of pictures. I lost last years pictures in the great “Camera Corruption of 2013”, and this seasons crop pictures were safely stored on an external hard drive…
That hard drive was plugged into our tower as I was editing a swapping around a few images for the next lot of harvests, when the “2014 Windows 8 debarkle” began, and again, I lost the bloody lot! (I hate windows 8!)
SO frustrating! It’s like these fellas are shy or something?
Anyway, I have another lot in the ground now and will immediately update the pics when they come into flower again!

*EDIT* New crop so fresh new seeds and fancy new pictures too!
Lots of potential as a treatment and as a way to minimise negative side effects of type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, headache, toothache, colon cancer (in studies the seed was able to fight colon cancer in rats successfully with no observable side effects. The same can’t be said for big Pharmas standard cancer treatments.) Breast Cancer growth has been slowed by a thymoquinone extract from nigella sativa and used to reduced breast cancer tumor growth and increased apoptosis/cell death in breast cancer cells and in the aggressive brain cancer glioblastoma, one of the most aggressive brain cancers there is, it has been shown to have a similar effect.
Decreases high blood pressure, reduces the symptoms of Asthma and throat inflammation, works as a protective agent against the effects of radiation induced brain damage, and also shows promise with Morphine addiction with a recent study showing a clear reduction in the indications of morphine intoxication, tolerance, and addiction.

The oil of Nigella sativa contains a huge amount of conjugated linoleic acid, thymoquinone, nigellone, melanthin, nigilline, damascenine, and tannins. Melanthin is toxic in large doses and nigelline is a paralytic agent, so used sensibly and in moderation, like all things in life is the way to go. “Large doses” as defined by modern medicine are often quite ridiculous, and it has a huge history of use as a food dating back hundreds of years.
They even found it in Tutankhamun’s Tomb(King Tut of Egypt)!

I eat this fella as a spice, and mainly use it crushed and splashed with a little oil then toasted on flat breads and pizzas for a really unique oily sour, bitterness. Great just half crushed in a mortar and mixed with honey and fresh fennel leaves as a marinade or salad dressing.
Goes well with cheese, or used in salads like tabbouleh and pesto pasta dishes.

Grown by me and Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!