Hibiscus Heterophyllus Lutea Native Hibiscus Seeds


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Hibiscus Heterophyllus Lutea Native Hibiscus Seeds

Packet of 25+ seeds!

This beautiful (despite my dodgy pictures) Australian native is not just attractive, it is very useful too. Very similar to Hibiscus divaricatus, but with a bit fleshier base on the flower bud, and a much wider growing range.

The flowers, shoots, the whole plant actually is edible, and it doesn’t need any fancy preparation or cooking. The flowers go great in a salad and the buds are used just like rosella for making jam and tea. Leaves and shoots taste a lot like Ceylon Spinach.

The central stem of the plant has a very strong fiber and the bark is easily peeled. It was used to make dilly bags and nets by the Australian Aboriginals, and the settlers used it to make snares and ropes.

It is found all the way from the bottom of NSW all the way up the coast line of QLD and a large chunk of the interior, and it handles just about all soil types.

As to propagation, just soak in warm water or give them a bit of a rough up on the concrete before you plant them, keep them warm, really can’t go wrong with these guys. Or just plant as is and let nature do it’s thing, germination unscarified was only about 3-5weeks.

Cuttings are easy too. Just cut off a branch as thick as your finger, stick it in the ground and wait. I got 60% take doing that as a bit of an experiment a while ago.

Grown (and sometimes sustainably wildharvested) by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!