Panama Red Passionfruit Passiflora Edulis Seeds


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Panama Red Passionfruit Passiflora Edulis Seeds

Packet of at least 50+Seeds!

Perfect amount to get most people started, and in less than 18 months you should have buckets full of fruit to select your own seeds from!

This is the very best of the red/purple Passionfruit out there.

I’m serious, if you want a nice sweet, large sized passionfruit, then this is the one!

Been selected by a local farmer and improved year after year, generation after generation for over 35 years! It sinks a huge deep taproot, and for that reason it shows slower growth than the others initially.

Don’t let that fool you though!

Having less new leaves in its tender stage, it attracts less critters, and even handles the eventual green beetle attack better due to the deeper tap root! Its stem is thicker than normal too, and after a couple months it uses those stores of energy to really take off.

The huge taproot and thick stem means it can handle irregular watering and sharp changes in much weather better too. It sets a full, sweet, heavy fruit. It has wilt resistance and doesn’t need grafting, as its a perfect plant and rootstock all in one.

On a side note, even those expensive grafted plants are eventually affected by wilt to some extent.

The green beetle or banana spotting bug carries the disease from plant to plant and mostly attacks the tender shoots/stems ABOVE the graft. Therefore infecting the non-resistant tissue, the bit that bears the fruit, and making the whole process of grafting quite pointless!

No issues with suckering below the graft with this fella either! Another thing I forgot to mention, you can eat the new shoots and small leaves as a vegetable. Use them just like a bean shoot in noodles and curries.

Very tender and quite nice! After eating a heap I’m a bit surprised it’s not more common.

Useful all year round!

It truly is the best of the bunch.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!