Queensland Jasmine Jasminum Didymum Racemosum Seeds


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Queensland Jasmine Jasminum Didymum Racemosum Seeds

Packet of 20+ seeds from this beautiful native climber!

While Jasminum didymum is a very widespread species native to all parts of mainland Australia as well as well as New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Fiji, Niue, New Caledonia, and the Society Islands, there are three subspecies.
This particular less common form of Jasmine Species, Jasminum didymum subsp. racemosum, is only found here in Queensland!

Like all Jasmine it gets a massive bloom of waxy white flowers that last for months and feeds heaps of different bee species.
After it finishes flowering it is followed by small grape like berries that contain a single seed.
These fruit provide a massive amount of food for the local bird life and it was really amazing to see how many different species were feeding off them.
The fruiting looks really cool but due to the popularity with the critters it only lasts a couple weeks.

While the imported Jasmine species you get at your local garden centre are nice, these native fellas deserve a place in our gardens too.
They are easy to grow and provide heaps of habitat for nesting sites.
They are just as pretty, just as hardy, and the local wildlife really benefit from them, unlike the much more common mass produced imports.

Seed germination is easy taking about a month for me here when planted in a sandy well draining soil mix.

Wildharvested sustainably, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!