Australian Wax Jasmine Jasminum Volubile Seeds


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Australian Wax Jasmine Jasminum Volubile Seeds

Packet of 20+ locally wildharvested seeds!

This fella is commonly known by the old syn. Jasminum simplicifolium ssp. Australiense, and even occasionally Jasminum acuminatum,  Jasminum le-ratii or Jasminum gracile.
Jasminum volubile is the correct botanical name these days, but most folks still sell it as Jasminum simplicifolium.
To avoid quarantine dramas I have both names on the label.

Oh yeah, because they bloom and flower over a very long time of all the Jasmine Species we grow, these are the hardest to sort the seeds of by far.
Not an issue for you guys but a pain in the butt for me and after a lot of stuffing around and three years of trials I eventually just gave up.
There at least 20 good seeds in each pack but to save me time there is also a bit of stem, immature pods and general plant matter as well.
Just mix the whole lot into the top centimeter of a sandy soil mix and water well.
The seeds will grow in a month or two, and the rest is just compost/organic matter which will eventually become food for the plants.
Divide up the seedlings at about the 4th set of leaves, Bob’s your uncle!

It is a member of the olive family and it produces a large woody vine that form masses of waxy white flowers and glassy green fruit that turn purple as they ripen.

It responds really well to pruning and if you trim it every now and then you can make some amazing looking sculptures.
Seen some that were trimmed up like Christmas trees and others down south that looked just like standard roses.
Big ceramic pots of them evenly spaced down the driveway to a fancy estate.

The flowers smell awesome, easily as good as the more common imported Jasmine species, and these guys being native are very well suited to everywhere except SA, TAS and VIC.
They could do fine there too with a little planning and protection from frost, but it’s a bit colder than ideal and outside their native range.

They do great in pots or just planted at the base of trees and allowed to climb up into the canopy.
The birds and bees love them and they provided a lot of food and habitat for a wide range of species.

If you are considering a white flowering vine then this fella should be on your list for sure.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!

NOT FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA or TASMANIA due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to try and buy anyway, this item will not be sent. 🙂