Yellow Strawberry Lemon Guava Psidium Cattleianum var Lucidum Seeds


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Yellow Strawberry Lemon Guava Psidium Cattleianum var Lucidum Seeds

Packet of 50+ freshly harvested seeds!

This delicious little tropical fruit is normally called yellow strawberry or lemon guava, and like the red strawberry guava it is super hardy and delicious!

It handles frost and drought without any issues and still pumps out the fruit.

It is easy to grow with germination generally taking 6weeks in warm weather, and it can fruit reliably after a few years even when just grown in large pots.
Unlike 90% of other fruit trees out there, you should be picking and eating fruit, within just three years of planting the seed, and it stays true to form, generation after generation, unlike the multitude of hybrids out there!
This is much faster than most other common fruit trees.

It is known as heaps of different things all around the world and common names include Brazilian guava, cattley guava, cherry guava, Chinese strawberry guava, lemon guava, guava, yellow strawberry guava, guayaba fresa, guayabo, goyave de chine, goyavier fraise, goyavier-fraise, cao mei fan shi liu, araçá, araçá-amareloaraça da praia, araçá-amarelo, araçá-de-coroa, araçazeiro, guayabo pequeño, cas dulce, guayabita cereza, guayabita fresa, tuava popa’a, tuava tinito, tuvava tinito, guayaba japonesa, guaia rosso, goyavier de St. Martin, goyavier prune, ku’ava, araza, waiwai, waiwai ulaula, guayaba peruana amoung other.
It is also known by the following botanical names of Episyzygium oahuense, Eugenia ferruginea, Eugenia oxygona, Eugenia pseudovenosa, Eugenia urceolata, Guajava cattleyana, Guajava obovata, Psidium acre, Psidium cattleianum var. cattleianum, Psidium chinense, Psidium coriaceum var grandifolium, Psidium coriaceum var. longipes, Psidium coriaceum var. obovatum, Psidium ferrugineum, Psidium indicum, Psidium littorale, Psidium littorale var. coriaceum, Psidium littorale var. littorale, Psidium littorale var. longipes, Psidium lucidum, Psidium obovatum, Psidium sinense, Psidium variabile etc.

The fruit is slightly larger than the strawberry guava and smaller than the tropical guava.
I keep all the other Guava Seeds here.

The dried leaves makes a very very good tea due to the high tannin content and the seeds can be roasted as a coffee substitute.

The timber is very hard and great for woodworking and the slightly thicker skin means we don’t have insect issues and the birds here leave them alone most of the time.
It’s only in the really dry times they pinch the odd one.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!

NOT FOR NEW SOUTH WALES, WESTERN AUSTRALIA or TASMANIA due to added expense and drama involved.

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