Pepino Melon Pear Solanum Muricatum Seeds


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Pepino Melon Pear Solanum Muricatum Seeds

Packet of 25+ seeds from another real beauty!

Fruits nearly constantly if I keep the water up to it.
Unfortunately I generally can’t so most of the fruit I eat happen during the wetseason.
During the dry time it doesn’t do much and sits pretty much dormant waiting for rain. Because it’s growth stalls, it handles the dry and drought really well.

It’s a member of the Solanum Genus just like tomatoes and eggplants, and the fruit’s texture is just like a combination of both.

It has thin edible skin like an apple or pear.
Except it has an awesome juicy sweet tropical fruit taste.

The taste is completely different to anything you have tried before, and if you have never tried them I really urge you to have a crack.
I would say they are really sweet and “melony”.
The closest I can come up with is rockmelon, pawpaw and nectarine crossed??

That’s not really a good description, but they are so unique that’s about the best I can do.
Trust me, they are bloody awesome!

Beautiful creamy golden skin with vivid purple stripes, bright yellow flesh and very few seeds.
The seeds are super small and edible as is the whole fruit.

The only reason I don’t sell them all year round is my greedy love of them, removing the seeds is tedious, our severe lack of water, and the local wildlife smash the majority.

But in the hot wet times like now, there are heaps of fruit, enough for me and all the critters so I can spare a few.
Not many though!

Treat them like a small bushy tomato and you can’t go wrong.
Bit of water and a handful of compost or manure every few months.
Perfect for tubs and pots, they are one of the very few “melons” that will fruit consistently in such cramped conditions.

This variety grows really well from seed or cuttings and has no major pest or diseases.
Seed germination takes a month or two normally but I have had the odd ones pop up in just a fortnight.
Some cultivars can be really hammered by scale and aphids(especially the seedless), but this one gets left alone and is a lot tougher all round.
Minor frosts and drought and it still keep on pushing out the odd fruit. Consistent rain or occasional watering and you get bucketfuls!

That’s about it?

Awesome looking and delicious little melons that grow on a little bush that does great in pots.
Highly recommended addition to any garden or windowsill!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!