Tomato Brain Reisetomate Peruvian Traveler Seeds


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Tomato Brain Reisetomate Peruvian Traveler Seeds

Big packet of 40+ seeds so you get a decent amount of plants!

I got these seeds from a French customer originally and they called them “brain tomato”.

No idea what to expect when I planted them as I didn’t have any picture to go from.

As you can see, the result was quite surprising!

I have since discovered that they are most likely the Voyager,  Reisetomate or Peruvian Traveler, which are heirloom varieties made famous for their ability of storing really well, and being torn apart without a knife.

I’m 85% sure that’s what they are now, although the taste is not as sour/acid as is described by most folks?

More like a Beefsteak or Oxheart in flavor that an acid Cherry style?

Anyway, whatever it is, its bloody awesome!

Even the flowers look really cool.

Big as your thumb and all twisted up and curly.(sorry I have no pics of the flowers as our hard drive crashed…)

Medium to large sized plant that would probably prefer staking.

I didn’t bother and just let them sprawl around as they wanted to.

I grew them in 9litre plastic buckets with a hole in the bottom, in a mix of potting mix, cow manure and sand.

So cool that I have replanted already!

That’s about it really….

Oh yeah, not many packs so be quick!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!