Ficus Macrophylla Moreton Bay Fig Seeds


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Ficus Macrophylla Moreton Bay Fig Seeds

Packet of 20+ wildharvested seeds!
Please note that there are hundred or so seeds in the pack but most are unfertilised or cracked, however you will get at least 20 which should get you a few seedlings.

For me here using standard sandy potting mix they germinate in <3months, sometimes just a couple weeks especially after storms and heavy rain.

This fella is super common in parks and gardens all through NT, QLD, NSW, WA and SA, along with being a very popular choice internationally too.
They are often used for bonsai with the only issue being their vigorous growth and large leaves.

This is because they are a strangler fig, and in the wild they need to grow up and out of the shade rapidly, before another species beats them to it.
Upon germination they immediately head for the nearest rock, tree or vine and start climbing, attaching aerial roots down the whole length of it.
These roots crush and penetrate it at the same time covering the external surfaces preventing light and air from reaching the host plant.

Eventually the Moreton bay fig has completely covered and killed the host(which is why many are hollow), at which point it uses the rotting stump as fuel to grow even bigger!
In the wild they can reach an amazing 60m(200 ft) and live for more that 100years!

Ideal for planting at the base of large non-native trees, or in dead tree stumps, or in paddocks and parks, but in no way suitable for suburban backyards due to the fact the trunk can reach 2.4 m (7.9 ft).
In pots it’s not an issue especially if you prune the roots, but if planted in the ground near buildings or structures they sink massive deep roots that destroy all nearby pipes and foundations.
I say again, pots only if you live in the suburbs.

They are not actually parasitic and they don’t need a host.
Just being aggressive bastards they kill whatever is next to them with brute force, and if it turns out they can’t eat it, then they just smother it and use it for support.
All super cool, but a bit less cool if that happens to be your house…

I am sure you have seen them before being such an iconic plant so not much point me continuing to ramble on.
Go buy a packs or two and and have a crack at them!

Wild harvested locally by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no dramas!!!