Red Eggplant Solanum Melogena Seeds


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Red Eggplant Solanum Melogena Seeds

Packet of 50+ seeds from this little beauty!

It’s a largish bushy plant of about 1.5meters high and 50cm wide that just gets covered with avocado sized red fruit. Bright red, really shiny and they look super cool.

Not only that they taste really good!

There are a couple red/orange ones available out there with the “long red” and “orange egg” being most common. They are cool looking fruit too, but it can be a bit bitter, especially if you don’t keep up the water to them. We were growing them both for a while as a curiosity but gave up because of the poor quality flavor, and the need for constant watering.

This fella is the Brazilian “Vermelho round” and I originally got the seeds in barter from you guessed it, Brazil. The flavour is really good, never bitter and I would have to say probably better than the larger blacks.

Quite a surprise really, and I am sure it will be a regular addition to our planting schedule.

They hang ripe for a really long time, the king parrots didn’t eat them but ate the cherry tomatoes next to them, and they didn’t get hit by fruit fly at all, which is another major bonus. The latest planting got a 60% strike rate after 4weeks, even in the current freezing weather, and I reckon the rest will come up in the next month or so when it warms up a bit.

Gotta say, its an awesome breed and I truly recommend them. Just for the looks and ease of care alone they are worth having, but when you add the long storage, small manageable size, and great flavour, well yeah, you better buy some I reckon!

Organically grown by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!