Pineapple Ground Cherry Aunt Molly Physalis Pubescens Seeds


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Pineapple Ground Cherry Aunt Molly Physalis Pubescens Seeds

Packet of 100+ home grown seeds!

Super tasty little fellas that taste a lot like pineapple candy, maybe a little vanilla after taste.

Not like a real pineapple fruit, much sweeter and fruitier if you know what I mean? Hard to describe but bloody good!

Great for deserts, tarts, compote, fruit salads, relish, candied or even crystalised and dried.

Best of all just eaten fresh from the garden.

Easy to know when they are ready, and super easy to pick. Just shake the bush and the little calyx protected fruit fall off when ready. Because they come in a protective wrapper you dont have to be too fussy with them either.

Keep the area around each plant reasonable free of weeds and debris, then give the plant a shake and just sweep all the fruit into a bucket and bring it inside for easy snacks. They last a month easily like this, after that they dry and shrivel up like sultanas. Still taste good, but a more caramelised flavour.

Easy to grow, same as any other Physalis species. Germination is anything from a couple days to a month or so depending on local conditions and soil.

The plant themselves are covered in a fine downy fur, and they sort of sprawl a bit. Maybe knee high and a meter across in good conditions, great for under larger fruit trees.

Good plant for the kids to encourage them to garden, they really do taste good and the yields are massive.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!