Hop Bush Dodonaea Lanceolata var. Subsessilifolia Seeds


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Hop Bush Dodonaea Lanceolata var. Subsessilifolia Seeds

Packet of 40+ wildharvested seeds!

Pretty little native shrub with a cool looking yellow flower, star shaped seed pod and overall structure.

Although the common name is hops bush, it is completely unrelated to the imported Humulis species used for making beer.
Very hardy and prolific understory plant that can live in a wide range of soils and handles drought well.

Traditionally the plant was used as a medicine.
The crushed leaves were boiled and used as a poultice to reduce swelling or in the case of snake bite, and a weaker infusion was apparently drunk as a pain relief.
Not something I would recommend.

That said you don’t have to eat it to appreciate its beauty, and the fact it maxes out at a couple meters means its suitable for growing in pots by folks renting.

Wildharvested sustainably by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no dramas!!!