Rain Shower of Gold Galphimia Thryallis Gracilis Glauca Seeds


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Rain Shower of Gold Galphimia Thryallis Gracilis Glauca Seeds

Packet of 50+ organically grown seeds!

This beautiful yellow flowering shrub is known by a heap of different names, and there is even ongoing interstate disputes as to which name is correct here in Australia.

Unfortunately this is very common with exactly the same plant being called many different things in many different locations both here and around the world.
For this reason I have a couple different ones on the pack and I politely request you don’t contact me about which one is “correct”, even if you are certain your reasons are valid.
Not a botanist or government department, I’m just a dude that collects cool plants…

Some include Galphimia glauca, Galphimia glauca f. parvifolia, Galphimia glauca fo. parviflora, Galphimia gracilis, Galphimia gracilis var. gracilis, Galphimia gracilis var. gracillima, Galphimia gracilis var. grandiflora, Galphimia gracillis, Galphimia montana, Galphimia splendens, Thryallis glauca, Thryallis gracilis, Thryallis montana etc etc etc.
Now it doesn’t make any real difference to me though it would make things easier if folks would just agree to a name and stick to it.

It has the common names of Thryallis, Spray of Gold, Rain of Gold and Shower of Gold and it easy to see why with this beautiful little shrub producing masses of golden flowers.

It germinates easy but here it took from a few weeks a couple months at times, seemingly regardless to the age of the seeds, the season or local weather pattern.

Very hardy, loving a well draining warm sunny position, it doesn’t seem to be affected by any insect pest species, and is a big favourite with the birds and bees.

Native to Mexico and South America, it is a common big box garden centre addition.
It works out a heck of a lot cheaper if you buy the seeds from me and grow your own though!

These particular seeds are from a friend in town as our plants are still quite small but that will no doubt change as time goes on.

No chems, no nasties, no problems!!!