Royal Flame Tree Poinciana Delonix Regia Seeds


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Royal Flame Tree Poinciana Delonix Regia Seeds

Packet of 10+ large oval shaped seeds.
Beautiful tree that I am sure most folks are familiar with. Found in streets, parks, schools, and footpaths all over Australia.

Very hardy tree that can handle hot dry summers, poor saline soils, drought, flooding, frost, you name it.
Can get quite tall, up to about 10meters, but most trees top out at about 5meters.
The beauty of this tree (apart from its obvious floral beauty) is that it has a huge wide form creating shade and cool, without slowing down the wind.

They grow just like an umbrella really, slight dome on top, no side branches as such, lots of dappled shade which is just what we need up here.
Nice and strong too, and because of that lack of sideways wind resistance they can withstand winds and storms that trash other nearby trees.

Amazing set of red blooms that covers the tree at about Christmas time each year, followed by a steady stream of large bean like pods that hang on the tree for ages. Called the Flambouyant tree, flamboyant tree, flame tree, flametree, peacock flower, peacock-flower, poinciana, royal poinciana, red tree, and what most QLD folks know it as, the Flame tree.

The best way I have seen to germinate them is put the seeds in a cup and turn on the hot tap.
When the tap water is super hot, fill the cup.
You want water below boiling temperature, but too hot to put your fingers in.
Leave the seeds in the cup over night, wash well and plant as per normal in the morning.

If you just plant them without the hot water treatment they will still grow it just normally takes a lot longer for them to germinate.
Grown by a friend of ours, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!