Coastal Canthium Supple Jack Cyclophyllum Coprosmoides Seeds


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Coastal Canthium Supple Jack Cyclophyllum Coprosmoides Seeds

Packet of 20+ freshly harvested seeds!

Quite common locally, but not very well know or utilized at all, this fella is known as the Coast Canthium, Supple Jack, Dog’s balls and Sweet Susie.

Flowers and fruits prolifically and looks very attractive I must say. The flowers smell lovely and the fruits are really really tasty. Small and sweet, almost like a soft apple in texture, and very moreish.

I’ve tried them a heap of ways this year. Great fresh from the trees, dried whole and just sucked on like candy, and the best of all was as a hooch, wine, bubbly!

All I did was place a big handful of fruit in a couple litres of water and added a little honey. The next day I mashed it up with my hands and strained it. About 3-4days later I strained it through a cloth and wacked it in the fridge. Really good, super fizzy and delicious. Mildly alcoholic too, and I definitely got a bit of a buzz on… Recommend it!

I have read elsewhere that they are not that tasty and just “edible” but I would have to politely disagree. Like anything you do have to wait until the fruit is ripe and soft. They get bright dark pink, then ruby red and delicious.

Wild harvested locally, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!