Pigface Coastal Angular Carpobrotus Glaucescens Seeds


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Pigface Coastal Angular Carpobrotus Glaucescens Seeds

Packet of 100+ teeny tiny seeds of this well known Australian bushtucker!

Grows everywhere in pretty much any soils except heavy soggy clay. The fruit looks quite similar to Dragon fruit but its snack sized at a little bigger than your thumb.
Really tasty fruit, some say it tastes like a salty strawberry, fig, kiwifruit, plum, melon mixture. I reckon they just taste great, kinda like sweet and sour sherbet?

They have a good mix of sugars and a few different salts which really help hydrate you when it’s hot.
I eat them all the time when I am digging rows outside in the sun, and I reckon it helps me go that little bit longer without cramping or getting tired.

The juice squeezed from the leaves is great for bites and stings, and I used it a couple times to keep the sandflies and mosquitoes to a minimum when I was foraging in the mangroves.
You often find it on the beaches or foreshores as it is incredibly salt tolerant, and here at home I plant it as a space filler in the rows.

You can make a pretty good jam from boiling up a heap of them, and in the old days the settlers ate the leaves boiled up like spinach to keep scurvy at bay.
The skin was dried as a salt substitute, just like kombu seaweed is used these days and the taste is remarkably similar. Great sprinkled into stews and noodle dishes.

Mowed of mashed it makes a great green manure or you can put some in a bucket of water and let in rot down for a week or so, then use the compost tea on seedlings to give them a little boost.
Same way folks do with Borage and Comfrey and it gives just as good results for us, and is much easier to grow.

Drought tolerant is an understatement, and once up they are pretty hard to kill.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!