Marigold Mexican Passionfruit Scented Tagetes Lemmonii Seeds


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Marigold Mexican Passionfruit Scented Tagetes Lemmonii Seeds

Packet of 50+ seeds of this awesome scented marigold!

I had this one year’s ago, but moved and lost it so was I very excited to get this fella back into the collection.

Fantastic little plant that is a type of marigold, so yeah, you should have no problems growing this one!

I just put sandy soil in a tray or polystyrene box, sprinkle on the seeds, water and wait.
Takes a little longer than the more common relatives do but generally a few months later I am transplanting out the seedlings.

The plant itself look like largish bushy marigold, with bright yellow to orange, slightly ruffled flowers.
Heaps of them too, with more coming each day!

It flowers all year round a little, but really kicks into bloom in the colder months and it doesn’t die off like the standard Marigolds do. This one just bushes out and continues to bloom.

Shade or cloudy days trigger the plant into flowering, so just partially covering it with a cardboard box for a week or so is enough to make it bloom at any time of year apparently!

Handles frost fine, and survives temps down to -7c, and yet, it is still extremely hot, dry and drought tolerant.
Great looking, even better smelling, no special care needed.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!