Devil’s Cotton Abroma Molle Seeds


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Devil’s Cotton Abroma Molle Seeds

Packet of 25+ wild harvested seeds!

Sorry for the lack of flower pictures, I had some beauties but dropped the bloody camera and corrupted the files…
Anyway, with any luck I will change that some time later on down the track.

This fella is a really interesting looking plant that gets covered in weird flowers followed by irritating hairy pods.

That’s where the devils cotton bit comes from, the pods do look very similar to cotton or even hibiscus, except they are made up of fluffy looking hairs that are sharp like fibreglass.
If you are standing under it and bump the tree when it has mature pods it’s a mistake you will only make once…

It was once known as Abroma mollis, and is also sometimes known as Abroma fastuosum and Abroma augusta.
It was first identified from samples collected on the Endeavour River in 1770 by Banks and Solander and I’ve only seen it a couple times in the bush locally.

I’m a big fan of angry, spiky, or unusual plants, and this fella gets a big tick for all three.
It’s easy to grow and for me the seeds pop without any special treatment about 5weeks after planting.
When young they are easy to handle and at about their 3rd set of leaves they are ready to plant out into the garden.

I couldn’t really find any other uses apart from reveg and as an unusual ornamental, though apparently these guys are good for making friction firesticks and the overseas relative Abroma augustum is used as a medicinal plant, but that is pretty much everything I know.
There is very little information available about this species which is why I want to grow it, so if you know anything cool yourself please shoot me a message.

Wildharvested(and occasionally home grown) no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!


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