Bulbine Glauca Rock Lily Native Leek Seeds


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Bulbine Glauca Rock Lily Native Leek Seeds

Packet of 40+ home grown organic seeds!

A really interesting looking native normally found in the cooler moister shadier patches of the Australian bush.

It has fleshy succulent leaves and lovely yellow flowers which is the reason I grow it.
It looks a lot better than my dodgy picture shows..
The fine strings of oniony roots are quite edible, but they are also watery, a little bit bitter and there isn’t much to them.
I wouldn’t hesitate eating them if in a survival situation, but they are not really worth the hassle of killing a cool plant otherwise.

The immature seeds can be eaten too and most folks describe the taste as like peas.
They do taste of peas, but kinda sappy and gummy too, and again I reckon it’s not worth bothering with unless you are hard up for nutrition.
There are generally heaps of better bushtucker options nearby.

To me they are just a cool looking ornamental.

They are hardy and grow in clumps and the plants are easily divided.
Just carefully pull the clump apart and plant the new seedlings into individual pots.
For me if I grow some seeds, then divide each plant into 10 new ones at about 6-9months of age then about ~8 will survive.
Means you can fill a garden bed in an incredibly short amount of time.
On the other hand, if you don’t divide them the clump it just gets thicker and lusher, but it doesn’t spread around much.
Ideal for planting here and there in among your flowers as a space filler.

These guys have lovely foliage, followed by spikes of bright yellow flowers that the native bees here really love.
The blue banded bees seem particularly partial to them and I often see them all clinging on the flower spike sleeping.

Anyway, while technically a “bushtucker”, for me this native fella is just an ornamental and landscaping option.
A very beautiful one at that!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!