Bird of Paradise White Wild Banana Strelitzia Nicolai Seeds


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Bird of Paradise White Wild Banana Strelitzia Nicolai Seeds

Packet of 10+seeds.

This great big ornamental tree is a real beauty.

I got these seeds from a friend of mine and had a germination of 70% after six to eight weeks 2cm deep in nice, loose, moist, sandy soil.

I just soaked the seeds in warm water overnight before planting and had honestly forgotten about them when they all started popping through.

Quite a nice surprise.

I originally got a couple hundred seeds as trade, but with such a good germination I won’t be needing that many. (Love barter if you have a heap of something cool!)
***EDIT*** This is a new fresh lot of seed I again got as barter from a different customer.
Still love barter!

The tree itself is like a tall hardy banana, with striking white and blue flowers, in the classic bird of paradise design.

The flower is larger, inline with the rest of the plant with blooms about 50cm long not uncommon.

Unlike its much smaller relative Strelitzia reginae, this fella gets big, and is great for adding a tropical feel to the garden, without having to live in the tropics.

Makes a nice shade tree for pool side and patio areas.

This fella can handle the really hot dry summers we get here, but at the same time it can also handle the low temperature down south with -2 Celsius not having any serious effect on them.

There you have it, another striking unusual ornamental.

Grown by a friend of ours organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!