Delosperma Bosseranum Ice Plant Seeds


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Delosperma Bosseranum Ice Plant Seeds

Packet of 100+ teeny tiny organically grown seeds!

Interesting little succulent originally from Madagascar.

It has a small white flower and thickened stem making it extremely hardy and resistant to the effects of frost and drought.

Super easy to grow, I started mine in take-away containers then moved them out to pots as they started to thicken up.

Makes a hardy little addition for rockeries and cacti gardens, and once they are up its pretty hard to kill them through neglect due to that large caudex tuberous root.

Quite similar to other Sceletium species both in appearance, and when fermented like the traditional African medicine Kanna or Kougoed, and it is said to have the strongest SSRI and stimulant properties of the whole Mesembryanthemum group.

Food for thought..

Anyway, easy to grow, attractive and cheap!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chemicals, no nasties, no problems!!!