Canna Glauca Yellow Flower Water Lily Seeds


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Canna Glauca Yellow Flower Water Lily Seeds

Packet of 5+ big viable fresh seeds!

This is the true water canna, meaning she can happily live totally submerged all year round or on the edges of water that gets seasonally flooded.
Handy for stabilizing banks and providing important habitat for critters.

Not fussy on soil type, heavy clay rocky gravel, sandy loam, it doesn’t mind from what I can see, but it needs a sunny moist spot.

Easy to grow, just rub one little patch of the side of the seed on the concrete or a file so you get a flat spot a couple millimeters deep, then stick it in a cup of water and changing it everyday for a week or two. Do not go too deep and do not damage the eyes on the end of the seed, the top and bottom bit.

Once that first sign of a root comes out, put them in small pots sitting in a tray or plate of water. They must be kept moist in the beginning, but once established they can handle dry conditions fine. If things get too harsh they die back to the tuber and reshoot when the rains come again.

If they don’t strike it’s because of two possibilities. Number one, scarified too shallowly, and the seed hasn’t soaked up any water yet, so it hasn’t got the cue to grow yet and it will just sit dormant. Number two, you scarified it too deep and damaged the kernel or their eye of the seed. In that case it will just rot after a couple weeks and eventually turn to sludge.

That is really it and with these guys I get ~100% done like that.

Few different names folks may know them by, Canna angustifolia, Canna elegans, Canna hassleriana, Canna jacobiniflora, Canna lanceolata, Canna liturata, Canna mexicanna, Canna pedicellata, Canna pruinosa, Canna schlectendaliana, Canna siamensis, Canna stenantha, Canna stolonifera, Canna stricta, Louisiana Canna, Maraca amarilla and of course Yellow water Canna.

The roots are high in starch like other Canna Species and although the roots are smaller and need more washing to remove the bitter compounds, the plants form large dense mats so the yield can be quite significant.

They are a very beautiful plant producing yellow flowers and a really interesting looking pod, and you best be quick as I only have a few packs at the moment!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!

NOT FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA or TASMANIA due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to try and buy anyway, this item will not be sent. 🙂