Ceylon Malabar Spinach Basella Alba Seeds


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Ceylon Malabar Spinach Basella Alba Seeds

Packet of 10+ fresh dried seeds.

This one is a fantastic twining vegetable that we use at least once a week, all year round.

Grows so easy that I’m often chuck a bit of our excess in with the chooks and guinea pigs. They love it too!

Grows really well from cutting, but seeds are just as easy. Just stick them in the ground, not too deep, just 1cm deep is perfect, water and wait.

Takes about 4-6weeks, but we generally get about a 70% strike, and that’s with no care or attention at all, just planted shallow then ignored. This pack should get you quite a few plants to get you started.

Once you have a couple you can just rip a stem off every now and then and use it to fill in gaps or spaces in your garden. A 10cm of stem with the leaves removed, just shoved in the ground should be reshooting in about a month.

Very high in vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and calcium, along with soluble fibre and loads of antioxidants.

Fantastic taste!!! I seriously love the stuff. This green form tastes just like baby spinach leaves but crisper and kind of more refreshing.

Great raw in a salad, or just by the handful as you cruise on past.

It’s never bitter or sour, or unpleasant in any way, as the “Fordhook” or traditional spinach often can be, especially when grown in poor dry soils or harsh conditions like we have here.

Better than the supermarket spinach, that’s for sure!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!