Mizuna Mustard Green Brassica Rapa Nipponosica Seeds


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Mizuna Mustard Green Brassica Rapa Nipponosica Seeds

Packet of 75+ seeds of this tasty Asian leafy green!

Mostly known as mizuna or Japanese mustard, but also called water greens, shui cai, kyona, potherb mustard, Japanese greens, California peppergrass, or even “spider mustard”..

No idea why?

Anyway, on to the taste. The taste is fantastic! Crisp, leafy chlorophyll packed with an mild peppery after kick. Jam packed with vitamins and it has a taste a little bit like sweeter, tastier, watercress, or a really really mild rocket.

Love the stuff and love the way it grows too. Really bushy for a “Brassica variety”, and it replicates really fast. Keep trimming off the leaves and I just keeps producing them. If you remove the main stalk when it starts to flower it makes it really bush out and you can keep harvesting it for a few more months.

You can salt or vinegar pickle the leaves and store for later as you would with Sauerkraut, Kim Chi or Tsukemono.

Loves the tropics and the cold equally, and it is is grown extensively during the freezing cold winter months in Japan. Mild frosts that we get don’t affect it here.

There you go, another rare Asian leafy green.

Grown by me and the Mrs Organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!