Marble Vine Native Bryonia Diplocyclos Palmatus Striped Cucumber Seeds


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Marble Vine Native Bryonia Diplocyclos Palmatus Red Striped Cucumber Seeds

Packet of 10+ organically grown seeds!

Very rarely seen local native, commonly assumed to be an introduced weed.

The thinking being that nothing this cool looking could possibly be native and by default it is a “weed” by most folks, when infact it isn’t at all!

It is a small native vine that has a natural distribution from NSW, up though QLD, WA, NT and right up to New Guinea and Malesia. Hardly ever seen as it doesn’t like competition so it is normally found in the moister semi-shaded scrub and rainforests.

Sometimes it goes by the following names Bryonia lacinioca, Bryonia palmata, Zehneria erythrocarpa, Trichosanthes muelleri and Bryonopsis laciniosa.

Whenever it does scratch out an existence in a roadside, park or garden someone pulls them out, or the bloody council sprays them, mistaking them for an exotic pest.

I grow them in polystyrene boxes and large pots and use them to shade the guinea pig and chook houses. 100% germination, but it takes a couple months unscarified or without the help of GA3.

Just as attractive as a Morning Glory, except perfect green and white, and later red and white striped berries instead on flowers. Like a string of shiny marbles hanging off the netting. Unlike most flowering vines the fruit last for ages on the vine too and no need to deadhead them either. It’s a winner this one!

Long history of use as a medicinally especially in India where the leaves are for the treatment of rheumatic pain, coughs, flatulence, and various skin diseases.

The leaves are also said to be eaten in Africa as a pot herb, but the fruit are considered poisonous as are the leaves in large amounts.

Just an ornamental folks, don’t eat them.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!