Acacia Holosericea Velvet Leaf Wattle Seeds


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Acacia Holosericea Velvet Leaf Wattle Seeds

Packet of 15+ Seeds!

Another local wattle with tasty seeds and a myriad of common names.

Fish Poison Wattle, Soapy Wattle, Candelabra Wattle, Silky leafed wattle, Strap wattle, and Velvet Leaf.

The leaves are high in sapanoids which when crushed up will kill fish, the pounded roots were used traditionally by the Aborigines as a treatment for ailments of the throat and the seeds are edible.

They have a protein content of an amazing 17-25% and are really easy to harvest and sort.

In Africa there have been mass plantings as a food crop for many years now and the seed is eaten roasted, boiled like lentils or steamed with vegetable dishes.
I like them popped in a little oil. Tastes just like sesame seeds!

Beautiful yellow flowers, followed by masses of pods on a small manageable shrub that maxes out at a couple meters.

Wild harvested sustainably, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!