Hibiscus Heterophyllus Native Pink Flower Seeds


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Hibiscus Heterophyllus Native Pink Flower Seeds

Packet of 15+ home grown seeds!

Amazing pink flowers on this fella, absolutely huge and quite prolific. Easier to grow than the imported ones and much better looking in my opinion.

Good plant to have around as the bark from prunings makes a great garden tie for beans and climbing vines.

The traditional Aboriginies used it for making rope, fishing lines, and dilli bags, and along with the settlers they ate the flower leaves and young shoots. I eat the flowers in salads or when out foraging in the bush, good for quenching the thirst.

Because they are quite big they go great in a pasta, or stuffed with cheese and baked or fried, like you do with zucchini flowers.

The leaves are good for thickening watery sauces, adding a little lemony tang at the same time.

I have seen a few commercial hybrids of these fellas in the big chain garden centers lately. Not sure if that is good or not? I want our natives to be used more often, for sure. They really are just as good as the imports, but endless hybridization that the big chain suppliers focus on, really takes away all the natural diversity of our awesome Aussie species.

Cross them up, propagate by clones so you can’t grow them from seeds, even if the licensing allowed it(which it often doesn’t), name them something fancy like “Pink Sunrize” and then call them “natives” of “Aussie”.

Somehow feels exploitative, not actually encouraging to me..
If you do want some pink flowering awesomeness, that you can grow from seeds, and you can share with your friends, then this is a good choice.

Germination takes 3-5weeks just in normal potting mix kept moist.

They grow from cutting really easily, good feed for you and the critters.

Grown (and sometimes sustainably wildharvested) by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!